Concurrent Working Group Application

The Earth Educators' Rendezvous planning committees encourage concurrent working sessions. Conduct your group meeting at the Rendezvous and benefit from the added value of networking with other Earth educators, attending topical and pedagogical workshops, and disseminating findings in oral and poster sessions. Each participant in your meeting will receive a $20 per paid day registration discount.

We can accommodate a limited number of groups of sizes up to 20 participants with a meeting room and internet access. Groups must have a purpose that aligns with the goals of the meeting. Requests for concurrent working meetings will be accepted to maximize the use of the facility the impact on the meeting themes.

To be considered for a concurrent working meeting and to receive the $20/paid day registration benefit, submit the form below by March 2, 2020. We will need to know the group members, duration, and timing of your meeting (mornings or afternoons). Morning meetings will have the ability to attend short workshops and oral and poster sessions. Afternoon meetings can be coupled with multi-morning workshops and poster sessions.
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Working Group Information

Does your group intend to meet in the morning and/or afternoon? This will depend on whether your group members will want to register for morning workshops on the same days you are meeting (in which case your working group would be in the afternoon), or if group members are planning to present at afternoon oral sessions (working group in the morning).

Which days do you plan on meeting? View Program (opens in new page)