Embedding Earth Science Phenomena in K-12 Curricula

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30am-11:30am


Laura Rowan Hollister, Turlock Unified School District
This workshop will support K-12 teachers in the process of selecting rich, engaging, relevant and place-based Earth Science Phenomena for their NGSS lessons. Session attendees will learn how to choose anchor and investigative phenomena and how to build engaging storylines through them.


This three morning workshop will provide an "entry level for all" approach to selecting anchor and supporting phenomena that will incorporate appropriate place based Earth Science content into K-12 NGSS science classes. Participants will leave with the framework and skills to choose locally relevant Earth Science phenomena, organize and bundle DCI's and choose appropriate SEP's and CCC's to produce engaging and compelling storylines for students.


This workshop is designed for all K-12 teachers looking to incorporate Earth Science into their NGSS science lessons or courses. This workshop will provide appropriate support for all grade level teachers as they learn how to select and incorporate grade-level appropriate phenomena.


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between Anchoring and Supporting Phenomena.
  • Recognize and select Earth Science Phenomena that are relevant to their region.
  • Bundle DCI's to help produce supporting Phenomena.
  • Select appropriate SEP's and CCC's to help students make sense of the Phenomena.
  • Utilize their Phenomena to produce an engaging storyline to drive student learning.


This interactive workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and time to produce storylines for their NGSS science classes. Each day will begin with a brief review of the days goals, a review of the previous days sunshines and blues, a brief presentation and then time for participants to work together to discuss new ideas and to incorporate each day's content into their lessons.