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Changes Underway on the Direct Measurement Video Website

Since 2012 we have been able to support the Direct Measurement Video project by volunteering our time and by attracting some limited grant funding. Unfortunately this model can not support the project in the long term, much less allow us to realize the educational possibilities that we imagine for interactive video. For that reason we have begun charging a small per-student fee.

Our new educational effort is called Pivot Interactives. The new Pivot Interactives website offers a powerful platform for students to learn science concepts and science process skills. It contains classroom-ready activities with integrated data tables and graphing capabilities, teacher-modifiable student instructions, and allows teachers to create classes to assign and grade student work. In addition, the platform features more video arrays with the Pivot Player interactive tools, and a user-interface that allows users to change variables within the videos, such as the mass of objects or frequency of a wave.

Here are the changes underway:

  • During late summer and fall 2017, many of the videos on the Direct Measurement Video website will be migrated to the Pivot Interactives site and will no longer be freely available. 

  • While we would love to be able to offer all of the latest material for free, a subscription-based service will allow us to continue to improve our offerings and maintain the project so that it remains here for you year after year. 

As we migrate to a subscription-based service, we are aiming for a cost that is reasonable for teachers while allowing us to continue to develop high-quality videos and interactive instructional tools.

  • 30-Day Free trial accounts are available at

  • Subscriptions start at $5/student per year for high schools, and $10/per student per semester for college use.

Subscriptions will be available for purchase from Vernier.

We'd love to hear feedback from you at

Thank you,
The Pivot Interactives Team

Each video below links to a page with several file format options and some suggestions for teaching. For complete lessons, see the activity library.

Teacher's Note:

The student video library provides student access to all videos without links to instructor materials and solutions.

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One-Dimensional Motion

Two-Dimensional Motion

Forces and Motion


Impulse and Momentum


Simple Harmonic Motion

Mechanical Waves