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Getting Started with Direct Measurement Videos

How to use this Website

The heart of this website is the collection of videos. The Video Library contains over 60 videos for teaching introductory mechanics.

Each video is linked to a landing page that displays available file types and provides some ideas for how to teach with that particular video. For example, see this page for How Fast is that? Ice Skaters.

The Activity Library contains classroom-ready activities that incorporate Direct Measurement Videos. These are fully-developed activities that contain the learning goals, student instructions, teaching tips, and assessment ideas.

When students are ready to access the videos themselves, send them to the Student Video Library. This is a directory of video files without links to instructor materials and solutions.

As you plan for integration of Direct Measurement Videos into your teaching, you can learn more about their pedagogic underpinnings. Links from this page describe how the videos contain real data and built-in measurement tools, can engage students in different types of problem-solving, and have many practical applications for teaching mechanics.

Ready to Dive in?

Try an introductory activity, designed specifically to introduce students to working with the videos.

Measure the Velocity of a Roller Coaster
This activity can be students' first exposure to using Direct Measurement Videos in physics. Students use a video to make measurements that will allow them to calculate the speed of a roller coaster. This activity will also help students understand the concept of average velocity.