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Use the Student Video Library to allow students to access the videos without links to instructor materials.

Tell us about your favorite DMV activities and we'll add them to this collection.

Here is a set of activities that can be used with Direct Measurement Videos. Each activity includes context for use, student instructions, teaching tips and assessment ideas.

Introducing your class to Direct Measurement Video

Introduction to using Direct Measurement Video: Determine the speed of a roller coaster

Challenging your class with Direct Measurement Videos

Physics Face-off uses teams of students who attempt to stump other teams by creating and solving challenging questions based on the videos.

One Dimensional Motion

Introduction to using Direct Measurement Video: Determine the speed of a roller coaster
Note that this activity is well-suited to use for the students' first experience with Direct Measurement Videos.

Student Analysis: Determine the acceleration of a toy car

Using Direct Measurement Video to find the acceleration of a rocket-powered cart

How fast is that: ice skaters

Keep in time

Curiosity launch

Two Dimensional Motion

Student analysis of a bouncing ball

2-D motion with constant velocity

Forces and Motion

Einstein riding the graviton

Airplane on a string (conical pendulum)

Student analysis of a cart rolling down a ramp

Direct Measurement Video analysis: friction of a block sliding down a ramp

Student analysis of a sliding and rolling ball

Student analysis of a hockey slap shot

Car sliding across an ice rink

Person sliding on ice

The wave


Using a Direct Measurement Video to find rotational inertia of a bicycle wheel

Impulse and Momentum

Direct Measurement Video analysis: blow-dart collides with cart

Conservation of linear and angular momentum


Mechanical Energy in a Pendulum

Cart rolling down ramp into a spring

Student analysis of a person jumping on a trampoline


Keep in time