For winter break 2012, Carleton's Towsley Fund and Kolenkow Reitz Fund can support awards to science and math faculty for a limited number of students working on campus or in the field (in the case of Geology). The student stipend rate is $420/week for full-time work.
To apply for these awards, fill out the online application below. Carleton faculty in science and math departments and programs are eligible to apply for this funding (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Math, Psychology, Physics/Astronomy, Cognitive Science, and ENTS).

Deadline: 5pm Central Time on Oct. 15, 2012.

Contacts: Joe Chihade (Chemistry). The Science and Math Steering Board will deliberate on these proposals and makes the awards in late October.

Student eligibility criteria: All students with a demonstrated interest in science and math are eligible. Faculty receive the award and hire students of their choice.

What does the award fund? Per student, a stipend of $420/week for up to 3 weeks.

Award Criteria:
  • Quality of educational/research experience for student
  • A Carleton faculty member who is regularly available (daily, weekly) for face-to-face student mentoring
  • Junior faculty members who are untenured and without other grant or department resources will receive special consideration
  • Status of additional support from outside funding or the department/program
  • Impact on faculty research
  • When requests exceed available funding, we may limit awards to one student per faculty member, as in recent years

Application Process:
Interested faculty should fill out the application form completely and submit before the due date.

Complete the following form and click on SUBMIT to confirm your registration. Be sure to hit the SUBMIT button before leaving this page or your information will be lost.

We encourage you to compose your answers to the longer questions in a word processor and to cut and paste the resulting text into this form. This gives you access to conveniences like spell checking as well as the opportunity to save and reflect on your work before submitting.