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See Co Fe-57 spectrometer: Knox College
Variable temperature 295K to 25K, 500G perpendicular field

Phantom v9.1 from Vision Research with 600 ISO/ASA Color CMOS Sensor: Monmouth College
2 MegaPixel color high-speed camera capable of capturing 1000 frames per second for 1.5 seconds. At lower resolutions, the camera is able to record at a faster rate or longer duration. ...

: Knox College
The TEM is a JEOL 100SX and the SEM is an Amray. We also have 2 MT2B ultramicrotomes and a sputter coater and critical point dryer.

Rigaku MiniFlexII XRD: Beloit College
Cu source, vertical Goniometer, -3 – 145 degree, 0.01 – 100 degree/min scanning speed.

Griffin 400 Mobile Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS): Beloit College
Direct syringe injection, mass range 40-425 m/z, ion trap analyzer, unit mass resolution.

240FS AA Fast Sequential Atomic Absorption Spectrometer: Beloit College
With SIPS-10 sample introduction pump system, C2H2/air gas supplies, SpectraAA software.

Agilent 7100 Capillary Electrophoresis: Beloit College
Injection Pressure: –100 to +100 mbar, Electrokinetic: –30 to +30 kV; 50-position carousel autosampler; UV-Visible diode-array detector (190–600 nm).

JEOL JSM-5900LV SEM with Oxford INCA200 EDS: Beloit College
Probe current up to uA, optimized resolution ~5 nm, vacuum ~1 Pa, beam energy up to 30 keV.

Nikon Eclipse Ti Invertied Research Fluorescence Microscope: Beloit College
Motorized nosepiece up/down movement, Stroke (motorized): up 7.5mm,down 2.5mm , minimum step: 0.025µm, maximum speed:2.5mm/sec;TI-DS Diascopic Illumination Pillar 30W; Motorized stage cross travel:X110 x Y75mm, ...

NT-MDT Solver Next SPM: Beloit College
STM and AFM modes; Sample size up to 10 mm in diameter; scanning area 100x100 um, resolution ~0.3 nm.

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