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Workshop Registration

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Confirmation Deadline: April 15, 2014

Please only complete this form if you have received notification that you have been accepted to the workshop.

For further information, contact Dave Mogk (mogk at

Please download the following medical and emergency information form, complete it, and bring it with you to the workshop in a sealed envelope. Medical Emergency Information Form

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Participant Information

(Please Note: Your email address is what we use to track your application and participation in the workshop. Be sure to use the same email address in all forms relating to your workshop participation. This email will also be our primary means of communication with you.)

Post-Meeting Field Trip

Please indicate your interest in attending the optional post-meeting field trip. Note: Participants will be responsible for paying for their own lodging (we'll help arrange this) for extra nights before and after the actual workshop dates.

August 14th: A post-meeting tour through Yellowstone National Park. Cost of the field trip will include mileage and meals, TBD).
Diet and Mobility Accommodations

Research ReleaseI have read the Description of the Research Project and Implications for Participation (opens in a new window) or it was read to me. I know the possible risks and benefits. I know that being in this study is voluntary. I choose to be in this study. I know that I can withdraw at any time. I am at least 18 years of age and voluntarily grant permission for the described release and use of notes and comments regarding me in the workshop.

Workshop Product ReleaseIn confirming my registration for this workshop, I agree that any audio recording or images (still or video) made of me during the workshop may be used on the project website, in printed project publications, and in materials developed by the project. I further agree that my contributions to creative works that emerge from workshop activities (e.g., discussions on the email list, contributions to the web page, summaries of group discussions, etc.) may be used by the workshop series, PIs, and conveners for development of future workshop materials, for scholarly reports, and for promotion of the workshop series. Attribution for original contributions will be made whenever possible.

The cost of the workshop is $300 (or $250 for NAGT members). You can make your payment online via credit card or mail in a check.

If you plan to pay for your workshop registration by check, make your check out for the total registration fee shown below payable to the National Association of Geoscience Teachers. Send it to the address below with a clear indication of your name and the workshop you are attending:

c/o Carleton College W-SERC
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

Important: Once you submit your registration and payment, arrangements will be made that have associated real costs even if you later withdraw from the workshop. Refunds will not be given except in cases of extreme personal hardship, at the discretion of the workshop leader.