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Recommend a Workshop Topic

The On the Cutting Edge professional development workshop series is currently seeking recommendations for workshop topics in its "Emerging Theme" series. The goal of these workshops is to facilitate the incorporation of cutting-edge geoscience research topics and aspects of effective pedagogy into undergraduate courses and curricula. Topics suitable for emerging theme workshops are those where 1) it is clear that incorporation of the emerging topic into geoscience courses is important and will significantly enhance student understanding about the Earth and 2) a case can be made that a workshop will have a substantial impact in moving the content or pedagogy into broader use by geoscience faculty.

Emerging topics may focus on aspects of geoscience pedagogy or topics in current geoscience research that are currently not effectively integrated into courses and/or curricula at most college or universities. Topics that are of an interdisciplinary nature, that move the geosciences toward an Earth system approach, or implement methods that engage students in active learning as recommended in Shaping the Future of Undergraduate Earth Science Education (AGU, 1997) are particularly encouraged.

Emerging theme workshops can assist in moving a topic forward in a wide variety of ways including bringing together leaders in research and education to assess the current state of the topic and providing a venue for strategic planning leading to new resources or to broad dissemination. Products of these workshops might include ideas for new classroom activities, new courses or course modules, and new laboratory and/or field activities, along with plans for their development. This work can be enhanced by web-resources that facilitate collection and sharing of early work, on-line discussion, and dissemination of successful experiments.

Selection Criteria for Emerging Theme Topics

  1. Potential impact on undergraduate geoscience education
  2. Alignment with programmatic goals of the workshop series
    • Improving undergraduate geoscience education
    • Leadership development
    • Dissemination-web, follow up workshops, print...
    • Contribute or develop resources
    • Extended activities post-workshop
  3. Consideration of breadth of workshop topics across all geosciences (e.g. extend portfolio of offerings to encompass all disciplines at some point in the series)
  4. Potential for moving theme to next level of development
  5. One of the PIs willing to sponsor the workshop and work with other conveners
  6. Decision made, in part, on advice from the Advisory Board

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