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ContextTo help your colleagues understand when or how they might successfully use your activity with their own students, please provide the following information on context.

Goals of the Activity or AssignmentTo help your colleagues understand the role of this activity or assignment in your course, please provide a statement of the goals that you have for students in the following three areas:

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Sample Description

This lab serves as an introduction to the pollen database available from NOAA National Climate Data Center World Data Center for Paleoclimatology ( The lab allows students to browse the contents of the SiteSeer pollen data base, which contains site information and summary pollen diagrams. SiteSeer allows searching by Site Name or Contact Person. It also allows limited filtering of the data by Age, Range, Location, and Pollen taxon. SiteSeer is a teaching tool to explain how to use and interpret pollen data. With this familiarity, students can obtain up-to-date information on pollen sites and actual pollen data from the NCDC WDC web page, using the Data Search tool and Web Mapper.

This lab exercise focuses on sites in the North American Pollen Data Base (NAPD), showing the many ways one might obtain this information. Working through a set of questions helps students understand the impressive pollen database available to study the vegetation history of North America - one example of how geoscientists use data to reconstruct Earth's history.


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Upload filesWe encourage you to upload files with the full activity description or actual assignment, instructor's notes, and a solution set. You may also upload additional supporting materials such as grading rubrics, data files, images, and sample student work. Please be sure that your files are smaller than 50 Mb. This is a hard upper limit - we hope that your files will, in fact, be much smaller than this!

Activity Description/Assignment

A single file containing a complete description of the activity or the actual assignment given to students. Please be sure to include a cover page with at least a title, author(s), affiliation, and contact information. We encourage you to provide relevant background information, context, and goals on the same cover sheet.

Instructor's Notes

A single file with additional background information for the instructor. This might include a discussion of the background knowledge and skills needed to complete the activity, lecture notes, instructions on how to run the activity, tips for success, etc.

Solution Set

A single file with the solutions to the activity.

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You may upload up to five additional files to accompany your submission. If you have more than five additional files, please combine them (such as in a .zip archive) for uploading.

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