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The petrology email list is an open discussion for faculty teaching Petrology.

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Working Groups

One of the outcomes of the 2003 workshop was the establishment of working groups in key thematic areas in igneous and metamorphic petrology. The working groups and their leaders are listed below. Click on a topic for link to the goals and activities of that group.

  • Rock Suites
    Karl Wirth - Macalester College
    John Creasey - Bates College
    Cameron Davidson - Carleton College
  • Modeling and Databases (inactive)
    Barbara Dutrow
    Louisiana State University
  • Experiments in Petrology (inactive)
    John Brady
    Smith College
  • Phase Equilibria (inactive)
    Dexter Perkins
    University of North Dakota
  • Geodynamic Petrology
    Jane Selverstone
    University of New Mexico
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