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Participant Survey

We are conducting this survey to better inform our program and to provide data to share with each other at the workshop. We want to find out more about what oceanography content is being taught in the introductory oceanography undergraduate curriculum and how that instruction takes place. We will provide a summary of the responses in aggregate form at the workshop this summer - individual responses will be kept confidential.


If you teach labs, please answer these questions

Does your department offer online or tech-enhanced introductory oceanography lectures? (If yes, check all that apply.)

Which of the following types of students enroll in your introductory oceanography lectures? (Check all that apply.)

What type of computer access is available to your students? (Check all that apply.)

If yes, where are your field trip locations? (Check all that apply.)

Content TopicsPlease indicate how often you teach these topics in your introductory oceanography lectures and/or labs and your comfort level:

Instructional Styles and Methods

How often do you use each of the following instructional styles in the lecture portion of your introductory oceanography class? (If you teach a lab separately, answer only for the lecture portion.)