Contribute to the Mars resource collections

THEMIS image of Meridiani Planum, Mars
Meridiani Planum NASA/JPL/Arizona State University

We are creating resource collections for those who would like to integrate discoveries from Mars into a variety of geoscience courses at the undergraduate level. Your contributions will make these collections rich and diverse, and we encourage you to add the resources that you have developed or the tools that you use. You may contribute to the following collections:

A collection of Internet Resources useful for teaching about Mars, including data, images, missions, mapping, teaching materials, etc.
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A collection of Activities and Assignments using Mars data and examples for use in undergraduate courses. We are looking for examples appropriate to integrate into commonly taught courses such as petrology, hydrogeology, sedimentary geology, intro geology, and so on. Activities and assignments can be for use in the classroom or lab, or as out-of-class activities and projects.
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A collection of books and articles that are useful for providing background on Mars geology.
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