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Using Internet technology to deliver an inquiry-based Earth systems course designed for middle school teachers
Abstract: The past decade has seen the exponential growth of the Internet as a tool to deliver on-line instruction at all educational levels. Many first generation on-line courses employed strategies ...

Introducing volcanic hazards with free digital data
This article contains visualizations of volcanic landscapes at Mount Shasta, California. The visualizations were created with USGS DEM's and DLG's downloaded from the internet. Although the article ...

An Earthquake Lab for Physical Geology
This article from the Journal of Geological Education describes an activity in which students locate the epicenter of several earthquakes, plot the trends of the two faults involved, and determine ...

Exploring the Environment: Yellowstone Fires

This site from Wheeling Jesuit University features an exercise in which students engage in a policy debate using an Earth System Science (ESS) analysis of a fire's impact on the air, land, ...

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