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Students measuring gravity
Students measuring gravity and shading the gravity meter in Surprise Valley, California. Details
We are building resource collections for those who teach geoscience in the field. Your contributions will make these collections rich and diverse, and we encourage you to add the resources that you have developed or the tools that you use. You may contribute to the following collections:
  • A collection of field activities and assignments for use in the field (e.g. measuring strike and dip of an outcrop), lab (e.g. analyzing data collected in the field), or classroom (e.g. a virtual field trip), as well as out-of-class activities and projects.
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  • A collection of field trips. Tell us about a specific field trip you take as part of your course and upload related materials and photos.
    Contribute a Field Trip
  • A collection of course syllabi and outlines. Tell us about how you teach your field-based course, and upload your syllabus. View the course syllabus database for all earth science courses.
    Contribute your Course Description
  • A collection of internet resources useful for teaching geoscience in the field. These links may relate specifically to teaching geoscience in the field or may provide support for teaching in the field and can include websites, articles, visualizations, or books.
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