On the Cutting Edge

Contributions to Geological Society of America Meetings

From the outset, the On The Cutting Edge professional development program viewed GSA meetings as an important tool in multiplying the impact of its programming. To encourage workshop participants to present their work to a larger audience Cutting Edge organized the sessions below. Cutting Edge collaborated with GSA to create an experimental format – the illustrated community discussion- designed to engage the broad GSA membership in discussing topics in geoscience education during the opening of the exhibit hall. GSA waived the one-paper rule for these sessions to allow broad participation. Four illustrated community discussions were organized on topics that either reflected or fed into the Cutting Edge workshop program. Lastly, several one-half or one day workshops were organized at GSA meetings (national and sectional) to bring workshop content to a new audience. Building on this format NAGT and GSA's Education Division have partnered with Cutting Edge to identify topics and speakers for an ongoing set of four ½ day workshops at the annual GSA meeting. These workshops include both topics of interest to all geoscience educators and four aimed particularly at graduate students and post docs.


Cutting Edge Review Camp
David Mogk
GSA Annual Meeting 2013

50 Years of Progress in How Undergraduate Geoscience is Taught: Reflections on the Evolution of Agents of Change
Barbara Tewksbury
GSA Annual Meeting 2013

NAGT: Seventy Five Years of Teachers Helping Teachers and Students
Gene Pearson
GSA Annual Meeting 2013

On the Cutting Edge and a Decade of Transforming Geoscience Education
Heather Macdonald
GSA Annual Meeting 2013

Using the On the Cutting Edge RTOP Instrument to Characterize how Geoscience is Taught
Monica Bruckner
GSA Annual Meeting 2013

Online Resources for Geoscience Instructors at Two-Year Colleges (posters)
John McDaris
GSA Annual Meeting 2012

Teaching about Hazards in the Geoscience Classroom.
John McDaris and Wendi Williams
GSA Annual Meeting 2012

Design an Effective Field Experience.
David Mogk and Steven Whitmeyer
GSA Annual Meeting 2012

Teaching Students How to Learn.
Dexter Perkins and Karl Wirth
GSA Annual Meeting 2011

Teaching Climate Science with Active Learning Strategies.
Karin Kirk and Susan Buhr
GSA Annual Meeting 2011

Preparing for the Tenure Process
Kristen St. John and R. Mark Leckie
GSA Annual Meeting 2011

Retooling Your Geosciences Class: Strategies to Assess Learning and Improve Student Success.
David McConnell and David Steer
GSA Annual Meeting 2011

Pursuing an Academic Career part of the Cutting EdgeFollow-On Workshop Program
Rachel Beane and Jon Lewis
GSA Northeastern/Southeastern Section Meeting
March 2010

From Passive to Active: Classroom Makeovers that Improve Teaching and Learning part of the Cutting Edge Follow-On Workshop Program
David Steer
North Central and South Central Section Meeting
April 2010

Geology and Human Health part of the Cutting Edge Follow-On Workshop Program
Syed Hasan
North Central and South Central sectional GSA
April 2010

Pursuing an Academic Career,part of the Cutting EdgeFollow-On Workshop Program
Rachel Beane and Britt Argow
Northeastern Section meeting of GSA
March 2009

What Can We Do to Help Our Students Become Better Learners? Fostering the Development of Metacognition and Self-Regulation
Dexter Perkins, Karl R. Wirth
GSA Annual Meeting 2009

Making the Case for Tenure: A Workshop for Early Career Faculty –
Kristen St John and Mark Leckie
GSA Annual Meeting 2008

Making the Case for Tenure: A Workshop for Early Career Faculty –
Kristen St John and Mark Leckie
GSA Annual Meeting 2007

Illustrated Community Discussions (sessions with abstracts)

· Using Data to Teach Earth Processes,

· Using Field Observations and Field Experiences to Teach Geosciences –participation peaked with 73 abstracts

· It's About Time: Teaching the Temporal Aspects of Geoscience.

· Geohazards-Teachable Moments for Students and the Public


New Strategies for Teaching Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry, and Volcanology (MPVG) to Geoscience Majors and General Education Students (Posters)
Elizabeth A. Johnson, Jodie Hayob, Shelley Jaye, Elizabeth McClellan
GSA Annual Meeting 2012

Time, Events, and Places: Understanding Temporal and Spatial Learning in Geoscience Education
Thomas Shipley, Steven Semken, Carol J. Ormand
GSA Annual Meeting 2011

Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Teach Geoscience in the 21st Century
Barbara Tewksbury, Brian M. Hynek
GSA Annual Meeting 2011

Teaching Geoscience Online
Karin B. Kirk, William H. Hirt
GSA Annual Meeting 2011

Energy Education in the Geoscience Classroom: Preparing Future Citizens, Scientists, and Policy Makers
James D. Myers, Karin B. Kirk, Fred Loxsom, Devin N. Castendyk, Glenn A. Richard
GSA Annual Meeting 2010

Field Geology Education — Historical Perspectives and Modern Approaches
David Mogk, Steven Whitmeyer
GSA Annual Meeting 2009

Teaching Sedimentary Geology in the Twenty-First Century
Heather Macdonald, Thomas Hickson
GSA Annual Meeting 2007

Teaching Hydrogeology in the 21st Century
Martin F. Helmke, Barbara J. Tewksbury
GSA Annual Meeting 2006

Geology, Health and Public Policy
Dave Mogk
GSA Annual Meeting 2006

Methods of Assessing Teaching and Learning in the Geosciences
David N. Steer, David A. McConnell and Katherine Owens
GSA Annual Meeting 2005

Teaching Structural Geology in the 21st Century
Barbara Tewksbury, Robert Burger, Jan Tullis, and Michael Williams
GSA Annual Meeting 2004

Teaching Geology and Human Health: Expanding the Curriculum
Jean M. Bahr, H. Catherine W. Skinner and Jill K. Singer
GSA Annual Meeting 2004