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Please use this form to share an assessment or evaluation that you use to measure your students' understanding of complex systems. Please DO NOT use this form to submit an assessment of a specific teaching activity; for that, submit the activity and assessment (opens in a new window) together. From the materials that you provide below, we will create a web page describing your assessment. Please complete all fields. You are encouraged to upload files to accompany your example.

You retain all rights to your contributed work and are responsible for referencing other people's work and for obtaining permission to use any copyrighted material within your contribution. By contributing your work to this website, you give On the Cutting Edge a license for non-commercial distribution of the material, provided that we attribute the material to you. View our terms of use (opens in a new window) for more details about this kind of Creative Commons license (opens in a new window).

After you submit this form you will be able to immediately view a page containing your materials and make changes to that page. If you choose not to view your submission, SERC staff will take care of making your submission into a page. This process usually takes a few days.

Note: You must fill out this form in a single session. Please read through the form and make sure that you have all of the information you will need before you begin. You may also find it helpful to read an example description of an assessment activity (opens in a new window) (not specifically related to complex systems).

Thank you in advance for making this contribution!

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Upload FilesPlease upload your assessment or evaluation and any additional files related to it (instructions for administering it, scoring rubric, or other related files instructors may find useful). Remember to click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this page to complete your submission.

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