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IB/AP Geography part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Courses
IB/AP Geography is a survey course which integrates human and physical systems in a spatial perspective. The course addresses the physical world and the anthropogenic relationship through a complex systems approach ...

Physical Geography part of Cutting Edge:Introductory Courses:Courses
This is a course introducing physical geography, which examines the processes and features that shape the Earth. We introduce the tools used by physical geographers to understand and analyze these Earth systems. We ...

Oil, Water and Climate part of Courses
Oil and water are two key strategic resources dominating the international scene. This class provides an overview of global distributions of oil and water resources and analyzes some of the social, economic, and ...

World Natural Environments part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Course Design:Goals Database
World Natural Environments is an entry level introduction to physical geography course, covering weather/climate, geomorphology, hydrology and biogeography. The course is based on five case studies (Weather and ...

Modeling Earth and Environmental Systems part of Courses
In this course, students will build and use models of climatic, hydrologic, geochemical, and human systems, explore the basic concepts of systems modeling, use models to test hypotheses, and find out about the ...

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