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This page enables the user to search for and view annotated references dealing with the Woburn Toxic Trial and its aftermath, the Woburn Wells G & H Superfund Site, and teaching with 'A Civil Action'. The references include journal articles, master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations, and state and federal reports.


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A Civil Action part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Poignant book about the contamination of Woburn municipal wells G and H and the lawsuit alleging that the prolonged consumption of the contaminated groundwater by W.R. Grace and Beatrice Foods led to ...

Topics: Federal Trial, Legal System, Woburn:Water Supply, Health/Cancer Studies, Wells, Pollution Sources

Woburn's water supply: clean and safe part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Informational pamphlet describing Woburn's current water supply system, sources of public water, and a summary of the chemical analyses of those waters.

Topics: Woburn:City, Water Supply, Wells

Area of influence and zone of contribution to Superfund-site Wells G and H, Woburn, Massachusetts part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Final USGS report interpreting the water-level data and streamflow data collected in 1985-1986. The results clearly stated and the graphics are well-conceived. The interpretations are in contrast to ...

Topics: Wells, Woburn:Wells G and H Superfund Site, Hydrogeology:Field Data

Evaluation of Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport at the Wells G and H Superfund Site, Woburn, Massachusetts, from 1960 to 1986 and Estimation of TCE and PCE Concentrations Delivered to Woburn Residences part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This doctoral dissertation from the Department of Geological Sciences at Ohio State University features a comprehensive treatment of TCE and PCE transport in the buried valley aquifer in Woburn, ...

Topics: Woburn, Water Supply, Pollution Sources, Hydrogeology:Field Data, Wells, Hydrogeology:Computer Modeling

The science behind A Civil Action, hydrogeology of the Aberjona River, wetland, and Woburn Wells G and H part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Detailed guidebook descriptions, figures, and tables from the field trip to Woburn at the 2001 GSA meeting in Boston.

Topics: Woburn:Wells G and H Superfund Site, Pollution Sources, Woburn:Water Supply, Wells, Hydrogeology:Field Data

part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Results of stable isotopic samples of groundwater from the wells G and H area in Woburn presenting computed isotopic ages compared to computed ages from flow models

Topics: Pollution Sources, Woburn:Wells G and H Superfund Site, Wells, Hydrogeology:Field Data

Water distribution in Woburn, Massachusetts part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Report about the water supply and water distribution system in Woburn

Topics: Woburn, Water Supply, Wells

Exposure to Wells G and H in Woburn, Massachusetts part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Important report describing the water supply system and water distribution system operating in Woburn from the early 1960s to 1979, when wells G and H were closed. Appendices include table listing ...

Topics: Woburn, Water Supply, Wells, Health/Cancer Studies

History of pollution in Woburn, Massachusetts, review of EPA report titled Wells G and H Site Remedial Investigation Report Part I Woburn, Massachusetts, vol 2: appendix B. part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Part 2 of the W.R. Grace report written by GeoTrans concerning the remediation plan proposed by U.S. EPA. Appendix B contains a detailed history of the pollution of the Aberjona River valley by ...

Topics: Woburn:Water Supply, Wells G and H Superfund Site:Remediation, Pollution Sources, Wells

Basic Ground-Water Hydrology part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Well-written primer on the fundamentals of regional ground-water flow, Darcy's Law, radial flow to wells, aquifer testing, stream/aquifer interaction, and contaminant transport. Written at a level ...

Topics: Hydrogeology:Field Data, Wells, Hydrogeology

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