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This page enables the user to search for and view annotated references dealing with the Woburn Toxic Trial and its aftermath, the Woburn Wells G & H Superfund Site, and teaching with 'A Civil Action'. The references include journal articles, master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations, and state and federal reports.


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A Civil Action part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Poignant book about the contamination of Woburn municipal wells G and H and the lawsuit alleging that the prolonged consumption of the contaminated groundwater by W.R. Grace and Beatrice Foods led to ...

Topics: Federal Trial, Legal System, Woburn:Water Supply, Health/Cancer Studies, Wells, Pollution Sources

Galileo's Revenge - Junk Science in the Courtroom part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Lengthy opinions describing the weaknesses of the American legal system, especially the use of expert witnesses that are not experts. Interesting reading.

Topics: Federal Trial, Legal System:Expert Testimony

Trial courts and practice part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Professional article describing the purpose and philosophy of jury trials (as opposed to bench trials). Very good background material for a term paper.

Topics: Federal Trial, Legal System:Jury Trials

Phase II Groundwater Investigation, J. J. Riley Site Woburn, Massachusetts part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Very early field investigation of the Riley 15-acre property requested by the attorneys representing Beatrice in the federal trial.

Topics: Federal Trial, Woburn:Wells G and H Superfund Site, Hydrogeology

Models in the courtroom part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This article provides background information about the societal and technical aspects of the famous 'A Civil Action' trial. It also proposes that the steps involved in constructing a predictive ...

Topics: Federal Trial, Hydrogeology:Computer Modeling, Legal System, Woburn:Wells G and H Superfund Site

A Documentary Companion to A Civil Action part of SERC Print Resource Collection
A textbook for use in law schools that uses the famous 'A Civil Action' as the focal point for writing and preparing legal arguments and documents. Written by two professors at the College of Law at ...

Topics: Legal System, Federal Trial, People:Judge, Attorneys

Weird science part of SERC Print Resource Collection

Topics: Federal Trial, Mock Trial, Legal System:Expert Testimony

A view from the bench: practical perspectives on juries part of SERC Print Resource Collection
A professional article written by a judge about the advantages and disadvantages of jury trials, the attributes that a jury brings to their task, and the reasons why a bench trial may not be a better ...

Topics: Federal Trial, Legal System

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