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Workshop Participants

Jennifer Anderson, Winona State University (course, activity)
Barry Bickmore, Brigham Young University (course, activity)
Ann Bykerk-Kauffman, California State University - Chico (course, activity)
Rebecca Dodge, University of West Georgia (course, activity)
James Ebert, State University of New York - Oneonta (course, activity)
Amy Ellwein, University of New Mexico (course, activity)
Lydia K. Fox, University of the Pacific (course, activity)
Jack Hehn, American Institute of Physics (PhysTEC, K-12 Teacher Preparation, Statement on the Education of Future Teachers)
Joel Johnson, University of New Hampshire (course)
Steve Mattox, Grand Valley State University (course, activity)
Julie Maxson, Metropolitan State University
Elizabeth Nagy-Shadman, California State University - Northridge (course, activity)
Matt Nyman, University of New Mexico (course, activity)
Beth Pratt-Sitaula, Central Washington University (course, activity)
Eric Pyle, James Madison University (course, activity)
Sandra Rutherford, Eastern Michigan University (course, activity)
Jill Singer, Buffalo State University (course)
William Slattery, Wright State University (course, activity)
Gary Solar, Buffalo State University (course)
Cathy Summa, Winona State University (course, activity)

Workshop Conveners

Cathryn Manduca - Carleton College, SERC
Scott Linneman - Western Washington University, SMATE (course)
Heather Petcovic - Western Michigan University (course, activity)

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