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In addition to this collection there is a large collection of ConcepTest Examples.

Specialized sub-collections of longer activities , questions of the day and think-pair-share examples are also available.

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Magma Viscosity Demos part of Pedagogy in Action:Library:Interactive Lectures:Examples
This is an interactive lecture where students answer questions about demonstrations shown in several movie files. They learn to connect what they have learned about molecules, phases of matter, silicate crystal structures, and igneous rock classification with magma viscosity, and to connect magma viscosity with volcano explosiveness and morphology.

Earth and the Solar System part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Introductory Courses:Courses
This is high enrollment science course for non-science students in which we examine the evidence for how geological, biological, atmospheric, oceanic, and climatic processes work and interact here on Earth. We then ...

Famous Scientists part of MnSTEP Teaching Activity Collection:MnSTEP Activity Mini-collection
This lesson is a presentation of famous scientist throughout history where the students will learn and take notes about the contributions and discoveries made in science.

Global Water Availability part of MnSTEP Teaching Activity Collection:MnSTEP Activity Mini-collection
Short description This activity is an interactive lecture, where students will learn that fresh water is a limited resource. They will also see that drinkable water is not distributed evenly over the earth.

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