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Biking vs Driving
Deirdre Smeltzer
How much difference would biking to work one day per week make?

Estimating OUR Carbon Footprint
Ben Galluzzo, Shippensburg University; Jean McGivney-Burelle; Rikki Wagstrom
Description here.

Shift in life expectancy
Holly Partridge
Determining the shift in expected life span over a century and the social and environmental impact

A Healthier You: Modeling a Healthier Weight from Dietary Improvement and Exercise
Loretta Sharma
Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum module. Students calculate the number of days it takes for participants in a hypothetical weight-reduction program to reach a target weight. QL: rates of change.

Administering Medications to Patients -- Calculating Dosages in the Clinical Setting
Shari Goldberg, Colby-Sawyer College
Spreadsheets across the Curriculum Module. Students build a spreadsheet to calculate proper medicine dosages using the metric system.

Bacteria in a Flask -- Spreadsheeting Population Density vs. Time
Loretta Sharma
Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum module. Students tabulate and graph data on bacteria density vs. time for a culture. Data start with innoculation and progress through the peak and decline.

Why Don't I Feel Better Yet? Examining the effect of dose, time interval, and elimination rate on attaining a therapeutic drug level
cheryl coolidge
Spreadsheets across the Curriculum module. Students use a spreadsheet to build a two-way table of drug level vs. time and elimination rate with parameters dosage interval and amount.

Computing Dosage for Infants and Children -- Calculation of Dosage by the Body Weight Method
Jian Zou
Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum module. Students build spreadsheets to find dosages in mL/admin from prescription in mg/day/kg and admins/day; body weight in lbs; and concentration in mg/mL.

Minimizing Cost while Meeting Nutritional Needs -- An example of linear programming
Yu-Ju Kuo
Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum module. Students use Excel Solver to find the linear combination of servings of two specified foods that minimize cost while meeting nutritional requirements.