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Creating a Connection between Everyday Life and Stoichiometry using ChemPrime
This page is authored by Lisa I Smith, M.S., North Hennepin Community College, based on participation in the ChemEd DL summit hosted by the University of Wisconsin - Madison and Catholic University of America.
This activity allows the student to access a webpage that provides examples of stoichiometry using terminology and objects they use in their everyday life. This activity can help a student make a connection between the complex chemical concept of stoichiometry and their current knowledge.

The Mole in Chemistry: How do you determine the number of atoms or molecules in everyday items?
Christina Stringer, University of South Florida-St. Petersburg
Spreadsheets across the Curriculum Module. Students build spreadsheets to practice converting between moles, grams, and atomic mass units.

Irregular Shaped Object Lab Test
Richard Smith
This activity lends itself well to the review and repetition of previous topics and skills. The multi-faceted learning (and display of learning) is an excellent manner of getting the students to think about what they are doing and how they are answering.