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You can use this page to search through past workshops run by SERC-hosted projects. Search for a specific topic or choose from the box on the right to see all the workshops sponsored by a particular project. You may also be interested in our upcoming workshops.

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Considering Animals in Washington D.C.
Jul 8-18 2012 July 8-18, 2012 The Considering Animals Seminar will bring together faculty in the Washington, DC, area to explore how humans and animals interconnect and how understanding animals helps us better understand human ...

Preparing for an Academic Career in the Geosciences Workshop
Jun 27-30 2012 Annual workshop helping graduate students and post-doctoral fellows prepare for an academic career through the development of teaching and research skills as well as a personal action plan.

Teaching the Methods of Geoscience
Jun 27-30 2012 IRIS student interns examine a fault scarp during a field trip. Photo by Kyle Jones, courtesy of the IRIS Consortium. June 27-29, 2012 Montana State University, Bozeman MT Optional all day field trip - June 30 ...

Teaching Climate Change: Insight from Large Lakes
Jun 19-20 2012 June 19-20, 2012 At the Large Lakes Observatory and the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Minnesota Duluth This workshop has already taken place. This workshop will be held in conjunction with ...

Workshop for Early Career Geoscience Faculty
Jun 10-15 2012 June 10-14, 2012 with trip to NSF on Friday, June 15 College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA Note: the 2012 workshop is over. Find out more about the Early Career Geoscience Faculty workshops, or read on for ...

Teaching Environmental Geology Workshop
Jun 3-8 2012 Tom Price iron-ore mine – Pilbara Desert, Australia. These are the banded-iron formations similar to those preserved in the nearby Karajini Gorge – January 2008. Image taken by K. Wiese. June 2-6, 2012 ...

Programs that Bring Together Geoscience and Sustainability
May 23-25 2012 Stanford University, CA May 23-25, 2012 Note: this workshop has already taken place. Read the workshop synthesis for a summary of key ideas and see the workshop outcomes for materials developed in association with ...

May 2012 Econ2YC Webinar
May 18 2012 Webinar: Slapped by the Invisible Hand: Lessons of the 2007 Financial Crisis for Teaching Principles of Economics Gary B. Gorton, Professor of Management and Finance at the Yale School of Management Friday, May ...

Active Learning Strategies for Geoscience Teaching
May 11 2012 This half-day workshop will help college faculty and secondary-school teachers in the Earth sciences to introduce active-learning strategies into predominantly lecture-based classes. Participants will be introduced to a schema for developing their own materials, and will have an opportunity to develop and review such activities. These will be collected for inclusion on the On the Cutting Edge website. Participants will leave the workshop with the pedagogical foundation and in-class learning resources they need to better engage their students.

Teaching Climate Complexity
May 7-16 2012 In this visualization, a model created by NASA, the color variations denote the speed of ocean currents. The lighter green areas are moving faster than the blue areas. Ocean currents are typically driven by ...