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Contribute Materials

SERC websites provide opportunities for faculty to share with one another the ideas, activities and materials that they have developed and tested in their classes – and to receive recognition for that development process. Whenever you contribute you will receive acknowledgment on the resulting webpage or description. Many of the projects provide mechanisms for reviewing contributed teaching materials. For example, the Starting Point project collaborates with the DLESE Community Review system to obtain peer review of your teaching examples in order to establish the value placed on them by our community.

Authors of original works submitted to SERC retain their copyright. But in volunteering the works they agree to offer it under a Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0. allowing for reuse and redistribution with attribuition. Authors are responsible for obtaining copyright permission for all materials that they distribute within their work.

If you would like to recommend someone else's materials for inclusion or have questions about how we make use of submissions to our projects, please email John McDaris (jmcdaris@carleton.edu).

Examples of the Types of Materials You Can Contribute

There are many other ways to contribute to the projects presented on Teach the Earth. If you have ideas for how you can add to the work showcased here, please contact John McDaris (jmcdaris@carleton.edu) to learn how to proceed.

Submission Form

Use this form to contribute an activity or resource to Teach the Earth. Our staff will work with you to find the area(s) of the site where your contribution will be most appropriate. We can also help you optimize your contribution for use by other faculty via the web.

Teaching Materials

In this section please include all materials needed to implement the activity with any needed instructions for use. Materials can be referenced as urls or can be files uploaded to the site.

For materials that are files, please upload here.
Please make sure the titles that you assign to documents will clearly identify their content and purpose.
For material that is intended to be read or printed, PDF files are preferred as they are the most consistent in preserving your intended formatting.

Description of 1st file (e.g. assignment handout, Excel spreadsheet of raw data, bibliography of related resource)




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