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These activities are under development by course participants. Participants may access them by clicking the links and logging into their account.


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Terrestrials or Aliens from Space: Comparing Igneous Rocks and Meteorites
Joanne Zema
Meteorites and igneous rocks compared Origins of the earth ???

Reaching for a Star... (and finding its diameter!)
Jan Davagian
The use of metric units and measuring skills are reviewed. Extreme distances are measured using a pinhole camera to set up ratios of similar triangles.

Mary Clark
This set of short lessons is intended to use viscosity as a concept to set up understanding of the convective motion of various fluids. The lessons will more broadly deal with important science inquiry skills such as forming and revising meaningful ideas, making inferences, gathering data, and sharing information with others. Key words: viscosity middle school convection inquiry experiment hypothesis data conclusion variables distance speed time

Fractals: Measuring a Coastline
Andy Katz
In 1967, Benoit Mandelbrot developed his concept of fractals by observing the jagged coastline of Great Britain and asking: "How do we measure such a thing?" In this lesson students will explore fractals ...

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