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These activities are under development by course participants. Participants may access them by clicking the links and logging into their account.


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Terrestrials or Aliens from Space: Comparing Igneous Rocks and Meteorites
Joanne Zema
Meteorites and igneous rocks compared Origins of the earth ???

How to Get From Here to There
Nancy Wile
Students develop a theory of plate tectonics looking at how different density liquids have different convection patterns. Students will record observations in their journal.

Investigating Meteorites: Bridging Earth Science to Space Science
Katye Couch
This activity is designed to have students apply previous knowledge about Earth Science to investigate iron-nickel meteorites. Students should have previous knowledge of crystal size/cooling rate correlation in Earth rocks and previous knowledge of Earth's composition. Students will investigate meteorites (real or photographed with scale) using a series of guided questions. They will practice using observation and inference skills as well as data collection skills. Key words- activity, measurement, guided inquiry, astronomy, meteorites, hands-on, investigative, lab, crystal size, cooling rate, differentiation, planetary composition, planetary formation, observation, inference, correlation, space, geology, earth science, solar system, solar system formation

Using Density to Predict Planetary Differentiation
Ashley Lagas
This is an inquiry based lesson designed for middle school students. This lesson serves as an informal assessment of students' understanding of density and also serves as an introduction to Planetary formation and Planetary differentiation.

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