Exploring Society By The Numbers

CensusScope Assignment

Susan Hilal, South Dakota State University


The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize students with interpreting charts and graphs by using a credible source, the US Census.

Learning Goals

  • Using software to access and analyze census data
  • Identifying independent and dependent variables
  • Learning how to construct, read, and interpret bivariate tables displaying frequencies and percentages
  • Identifying population trends over time
  • To explore US Census data

Context for Use

This activity is used in an Introductory to Sociology class for undergraduate students. This activity uses Census data to highlight demographic and population trends.

Description and Teaching Materials

Exercises: PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 71kB Mar24 09)
Exercises: DOC (Microsoft Word 32kB Mar24 09)

Teaching Notes and Tips

This activity uses the charts, rankings and maps on CensusScope.org. CensusScope is an easy-to-use tool to investigate U.S. trends using census data. There is an answer key for the activity that can be found under teaching materials.


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