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Marriage and Divorce
This activity provides a look at marriage and divorce among different race/ethnicity, ages, education and income levels over time.

This activity provides a look at poverty among different race/ethnic groups and family types over time.

Women's Education
This activity provides a look at women's education and the gender gap in education over time.

Introduction to Rural America
A data set is then compiled by the instructor. Students then take on the role as researchers and use their own class data for hypothesis formulation and testing. Student devise original hypotheses using their choice of variables from the data set. The instructor then runs the appropriate test for their hypothesis, and provides students with results (most often crosstabulation tables or reports of means) for final analysis.

Integrating Data Into the Curriculum: Qualitative Data Experience
With this assignment, students will experience the thrill of "doing" sociology rather than just reading sociological findings.

Integrating Data Into the Curriculum: Learning to Read Tables
This assignment will require you to locate three tables on-line (detailed directions are provided), print them out, interpret the data in the tables, and answer several questions on what you have learned from the tables.

Integrating Data Into the Curriculum: Creating Bivariate and Univariate Tables
With this assignment, students will learn to create and interpret bivariate and univariate tables to look at race and earnings.

Census Data and Luxury Lane
For this assignment, students will pretend to be a social researcher hired by the developers of Luxury Lane, a high end shopping plaza featuring gourmet cuisine, custom furniture, designer clothing, and expensive artwork. They will determine (1) if they should consider placing their shopping area in Ohio or another state, and (2) if they choose Ohio, whether they should choose Cleveland or another city.

Investigating Differences in Earnings Based on Gender
Students will use cross-tabulations and graphs to explore the differences in earnings based on gender. In doing so, they will build basic data analysis skills like forming hypotheses and using control variables.

Investigating Children in Poverty
Students will form hypotheses and analyze data to explore the how of age, race, and family size impact children in poverty in the United States.

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