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Occupational Sex Segregation
Occupational sex segregation will be studied by focusing on traditionally gender-oriented occupations and analyzing which have an increasing proportion of males or females, and which are still mainly gender-specific jobs. These analyses will be done by age group to study trends at different stages of people's careers.

Occupational Sex Segregation and Earnings Differences
For this exercise we will: 1) examine sex segregation in employment from 1950 to 2000. 2) examine trends within three specific occupations of your choosing, and 3) for either doctors or lawyers, investigate gender and race differences on earnings and see if these differences change when we control for age.

Investigating Exploring Race and Ethnicity Using Census 2000 Data
Using data from CensusScope and the Population Reference Bureau students will explore trends in segregation and hyper-segegation. They will investigate the multiracial census category and the distribution of multiracial individuals across the nation.

Race, Inequality and Community Contexts
In this exercise students will examine social inequality at the community level, looking at income distributions in the U.S. and in different places within the U.S., as well as the ways in which ethnic groups are segregated by geographic area. Students will use actual data drawn from the 2000 Census of the United States to compare the place where they currently live, and places where they have lived, with the national distribution.

Using Census Data to Explore Race and Ethnicity
Students will interpret CensusScope data regarding segregation exposure and the dissimilarity index from a sociological perspective.

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