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Immigration in the U.S.
In this module you will explore some of the impacts of this immigration by examining the characteristics of the foreign-born population, comparing these characteristics to those of the native born population. You will get a chance to explore where immigrants come from, how the composition of the immigrant population has changed, where immigrants settle, and what they do once they get here.

Education in America
Focusing on education, we will examine the changes from 1950 to 1990 in the numbers, race, gender, and occupations of high school and college graduates. Turning our attention to cohorts and population structure, we will trace birth trends over the past four decades, namely the Baby Boom, and discuss possible causes and effects.

Race, Ethnicity and Immigration in the U.S.
This activity provides a look at race, ethnicity and immigration in the United States from 1950-2000.

Exploring Education Attainment of U.S. Native-born and Foreign-born
This module explores the effects of nativity, race, and ethnicity on educational attainment in the U.S.

Examining the Impact of Immigration on the Ethnic, Racial, and Age Structures of the U.S. and of High Immigration States
In this module, students will explore the relationship between immigration status and age in the United States.

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