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How Far is Yonder Mountain? -- A Trig Problem part of Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum:General Collection:Examples
Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum module. Students use Polya's problem-solving heuristic to find the distance of a peak using vertical angles sighted from a wagon train heading toward the peak.

Quantitative Concepts: Measurement; Data presentation and analysis; Probability:Creating equations; text-to-math translation, Uncertainty:Effect of uncertainty; sensitivity, Algebra; Modeling; Functions:Manipulating equations, Basic arithmetic; Number sense:Units and Dimensions:Unit Conversions, Algebra; Modeling; Functions:Modeling:Inverse problem, Geometry; Trigonometry :Circles (including radians and pi), Triangles and trigonometric ratios
Subject: Social science:Geography, Mathematics, statistics and computers:Mathematics
Excel Skills: Angles and Trig Functions:PI, Basic Arithmetic:Nested Formulas, Simple Formulas, Angles and Trig Functions:COS, ACOS, TAN, ATAN, ATAN2