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Teaching the Process of Science part of Pedagogy in Action:Library:Process of Science
This module was authored by Anne E. Egger, Stanford University, as part of a collaboration between Visionlearning and the SERC Pedagogic Service, and includes the products of a July 2009 workshop on Teaching the ...

The Importance of Understanding the Nature of Science for Accepting Evolution part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Many students reject evolutionary theory, whether or not they adequately understand basic evolutionary concepts. We explore the hypothesis that accepting evolution is related to understanding the ...

Undergraduate Research: Genomics Education Partnership part of SERC Print Resource Collection
The authors describe how they have assessed student learning gains in the nature and process of science by integrating genomic research intro the undergraduate curriculum.

Science as Storytelling for Teaching the Nature of Science and the Science-Religion Interface part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Here we describe a method for teaching the NOS called Science as Storytelling, which was designed to directly confront naive realist preconceptions about the NOS and replace them with more ...