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This is a collection of teaching activities that highlight PKAL's pedagogies of engagement. It is a subset of a larger collection of teaching activities on the Pedagogies in Action site.

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La Dyslexie: A French language podcast part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
In this listening comprehension exercise, students will complete a questionnaire based on a podcast on the topic of dyslexia. Students will listen to the podcast at the French website Neopodia and answer comprehension questions in complete sentences in French.

Buvons de l'eau!: A French language Podcast on Water part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
In this listening comprehension exercise, students of intermediate level French language listen to a podcast interview and complete a questionnaire to check their listening comprehension and enlarge their vocabulary on health topics.

Listening Together: A Cooperative Learning Listening Exercise with Radio France Internationale part of Cooperative Learning:Examples
In this cooperative learning activity,intermediate-level students of French will work in small groups on a language project concerning Alzheimer's Disease and the effect that it has on caregivers. The project begins mainly as a listening activity but ultimately includes all receptive and productive skills.

Listening with Radio France Internationale: Des mots d'enfant pour parler d'autisme part of Cooperative Learning:Examples
In this listening exercise followed by an in-class discussion students in intermediate-level French will work in pairs on comprehension exercises related to a recording of a young girl describing life with her autistic younger brother.

VOCES: Spanish for Heritage Learners Introductory Exercise part of Just in Time Teaching:Examples
This is a just in time activity that uses a Spanish for the bilingual student website to launch a classroom discussion on cultural and linguistic identity. Students listen to three native speakers talk about their lives in their countries and their transition to life in the university in America. They then talk about their own experience, in class and on a discussion board.

Magazine Francophone: La Femme et la Francophonie part of Just in Time Teaching:Examples
The video "Femmes francophones, Pouvoir et développement" provides insight on the evolving role of women in business and positions of power throughout the Francophone world. The activity accompanying the video allows students to shape their perceptions of the issues and achievements of Francophone women.

Cartes Postales de TV5 Monde part of Just in Time Teaching:Examples
In this exercise, students will take a virtual tour of a city where French is spoken and write a postcard based on the places that they "visit". Postcards will be sent to classmates and the instructor. They will be judged for cultural interest and linguistic accuracy.

Today's Front Pages: Today's News in the Target Language part of Just in Time Teaching:Examples
Students participate in a JiTT activity to read the front pages of two target language newspapers and to report the content to their classmates in the target language. When this exercise is done on a regular basis, it can result in increasing vocabulary and speech fluency.

Saveurs sans frontières: Learn French through Gastronomy part of Just in Time Teaching:Examples
Students participate in a JiTT activity where they watch an online video on Tahitian cooking and do self-correcting exercises to check listening comprehension. They then make note of new vocabulary to use during a culture discussion at the next class meeting.

Alerte Terre!: An Interactive Lecture Activity on Environmental Topics part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
In this Interactive Lecture Demonstration, students will predict the main issues that might be included in short French language videos treating topics such as endangered species, organic farming, the effect of aerosols on the environment, pollution and sustainable development. They will then view short videos on the topics and reflect on how their prior assumptions meshed with reality.

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