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This is a collection of teaching activities that highlight PKAL's pedagogies of engagement. It is a subset of a larger collection of teaching activities on the Pedagogies in Action site.

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Do You See What I See: Using Optical and Visual Illusions to Illustrate Perception part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
An in-class demonstration of perception and individual perceptual differences, using optical illusions and visuals.

Social Class Symbols: In-class Activity Game part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
This sites provides three interactive games related to social class and personal possessions indicative of class.

La Dyslexie: A French language podcast part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
In this listening comprehension exercise, students will complete a questionnaire based on a podcast on the topic of dyslexia. Students will listen to the podcast at the French website Neopodia and answer comprehension questions in complete sentences in French.

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