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Dark Reactions of Photosynthesis part of Teaching with Visualizations:Examples
The dark reactions of photosynthesis (Calvin Cycle) are presented in this learning experience to show where these processes take place in the plant as well as the specific reactions involved.

Pedagogy: Teaching with Visuals

Plant Growth Regulation part of Teaching with Visualizations:Examples
Plant growth regulators, including auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, abscisic acid, and ethylene, are investigated in this learning activity to demonstrate how these chemicals (hormones) affect plant growth and development.

Pedagogy: Teaching with Visuals

Mitosis and Meiosis part of Teaching with Visualizations:Examples
Drawings and animations, are used to help participants understand the differences between and steps involved in mitosis and meiosis. The cell cycle as well as individual steps of mitosis and meiosis are included in this learning material.

Pedagogy: Teaching with Visuals

Searching Genbank part of Teaching with Data:Examples
An active problem-based assignment that uses the Genbank database to teach the basics of molecular biology and molecular evolution

Pedagogy: Teaching with Data