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Browse this collection of activities that all incorporate teaching with data. Activities have been submitted via a number of projects.


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    Pedagogy: Teaching with Data

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    Plant Pest Control
    Jim Bidlack
    This learning experience introduces participants to scientific inquiry, hypothesis formation, experimental design, data analysis, and interpretation.

    Simulating the Effect of Sample Size on the Sampling Distribution of the Mean
    David Lane, Rice University
    A java applet that simulates the sampling distribution of the mean. It allows students to explore the effect of sample size.

    Fathoms, Ship Logs, and the Atlantic Ocean
    Jerrie Reining
    An inquiry based lesson plan where students use data from ship logs to graph a profile of the Atlantic Ocean. They will rely on prior knowledge of seafloor topography, instructions on how to read a bathymetric ...

    By Monica Bruckner, Montana State University; Based on the Bioinformatics Exercise by Seth Bordenstein.
    This exercise contains two interrelated modules that introduce students to modern biological techniques in the area of Bioinformatics, which is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. The need for Bioinformatics has arisen from the recent explosion of publicly available genomic information, such as that resulting from the Human Genome Project.

    Mineral Density: Teaching accuracy, slope, and percent error in the Earth science classroom
    Mary Colson Horizon Middle School Moorhead, MN
    This activity is a lab investigation in which students make mass/volume measurements of several samples of the same mineral to determine the mineral's density. Students graph their data and make the connection between their qualitative understanding of what density is and the mathematical/graphical representation of density.

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