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The following examples are derived from actual documented problem solving activities that have been tested and used with students. These examples should be informative to those who would like to begin using this technique.

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Documented Problem Solving: Adjustment of Output and Inflation to a Demand Shock
Todd Easton, University of Portlnad
In this macroeconomics problem, students check to see whether they understand the role nominal aggregate demand and inflation expectations play in determining the economy's output level and inflation rate.

Subject: Economics

Documented Problem Solving: Calculating Equilibrium Output
Amber Casolari, Riverside Community College
This document is a Docoumented Problem Solving exercise that utilizes the Keynesian model of the macroeconomy.

Subject: Economics

Documented Problem Solving: Foreign Exchange Rates - Supply and Demand
Todd Easton, University of Portlnad
In this assignment, students think about four events that would affect a country's exchange rate. Without actually drawing a supply and demand diagram, students say what direction, if at all, each curve would shift–and whether the currency would appreciate or depreciate as a result.

Subject: Economics

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