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The Jacobs Physics blog shares surprising results while teaching with a Direct Measurement Video assignment. "But then something beautiful happened... " more...

Direct Measurement Videos were featured in the public radio program Marketplace in August 2104. more...

Peter Bohacek, Henry Sibley High School,

Matthew Vonk, University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Ellen Iverson, Science Education Resource Center (SERC), Carleton College

Karin Kirk
, Freelance educational writer

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Direct Measurement Videos are short, high-quality videos of real events that allow students to easily explore physical phenomena. Many of the videos are paired with classroom-ready activities that integrate videos into the introductory mechanics curriculum.

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Video library - Over 60 videos for teaching introductory mechanics

Activity library - Accompanying classroom-ready exercises

Student video library - Provides student access to all videos without access to instructor materials and solutions

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What are Direct Measurement Videos?

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Making Direct Measurement Videos - See the setup behind the videos

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