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One Dimensional Motion

July 4th Cannon
Videos include rollercoasters, toy car accelerating and July 4th cannon.

Concepts include determining speed and acceleration of objects and maximum height of a launched object.

Two Dimensional Motion

Bouncing Ball
Videos include hockey puck sliding across a lab floor and a bounced tennis ball.

Concepts include determining the direction of moving objects.

Forces and Motion

Rotating Water Tank
Videos include a fire extinguisher powered rocket cart accelerating across stage, a cart accelerated by mass hanging on a string, a low friction cart rolling down a ramp and a steel ball in a rotating glass bowl.

Concepts include determining the coefficient of friction between sliding objects, determining acceleration, determining the weight of objects, comparing predicted and measured values.


Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope
Videos include a rotating fish tank, bicycle wheel gyroscope, bicycle wheel accelerated by weight, and a disk accelerated by a rocket motor.

Concepts include conservation of linear and angular momentum, average force provided by the rocket motor, coefficient of friction, ratio of the rotational inertia of the bicycle wheel around its axle to the rotational inertia of the entire system around the axle of the platform.

Impulse and Momentum

Hockey Slap Shot
Videos include a hockey slap shot, water jetpack, a blow dart colliding with a low-friction cart, and a peanut M&M colliding with an aluminum can.

Concepts include determining velocity, momentum, conservation of momentum, and force of a hockey stick acting on a puck.


Gravity Powered Clock
Videos include a puck sliding on a smooth surface, a dry ice puck sliding on a circular hoop, a gravity powered clock, and a trampoline jumper.

Concepts include determining elastic potential energy, gravitational potential energy, force constant, velocity, and more.

Simple Harmonic Motion

Object in Simple Harmonic Motion
Videos include a hockey puck sitting on a speaker.

Concepts include maximum amplitude of motion so that allows the puck to remain in contact with the surface of the speaker.

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