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Simple Harmonic Motion

Videos shown here contain grids, rulers, frame counters and other overlays that allow students to make measurements directly from the videos. Students can use this data to answer questions and solve problems. For each video, sample questions are shown, and in some cases, sample lesson plan ideas.
To analyze a video frame-by-frame, you will want to download the video file to your computer and open it using QuickTime. Clicking on the links shown here will allow you to view the video in your browser, but you may not be able to view the video frame-by-frame.

To download the video, alt-click on the link and select:

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Hockey Puck on a Speaker

This clip shows a puck sitting on a surface that is moving in simple harmonic motion. The puck loses contact with the surface.

Download the QuickTime file: Direct Measurement Video of an Object in Simple Hamronic Motion (Quicktime Video 17.1MB Jul15 13) here.

Sample question: What is the maximum amplitude of the motion so that the puck will remain in contact with the surface?

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