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1-Dimensional Motion

Videos shown here contain grids, rulers, frame counters and other overlays that allow students to make measurements directly from the videos. Students can use this data to answer questions and solve problems. For each video, sample questions are shown, and in some cases, sample lesson plan ideas.
To analyze a video frame-by-frame, you will want to download the video file to your computer and open it using QuickTime. Clicking on the links shown here will allow you to view the video in your browser, but you may not be able to view the video frame-by-frame.

To download the video, alt-click on the link and select:

"save linked file as..." (Firefox)

"download liked file as..." (Safari)

"save link as..." (Chrome)

Roller Coasters

This clip shows roller coaster recorded using a high-resolution high-speed camera. The roller coaster has just rolled down a hill 60 meters high.

Here are three similar video clips, so students do not have to work on the same video:

Download the Quicktime file: Video of roller coaster 1 (Quicktime Video 11.2MB Jul23 12) here.

Download the Quicktime file: Video of roller coaster 2 (Quicktime Video 11.4MB Jul23 12) here.

Download the Quicktime file: Video of roller coaster 3 (Quicktime Video 5.8MB Jul23 12) here.

Sample question: What is the speed of the roller coaster?

Sample activity: Introduction to Direct Measurement Video: Measure the Speed of a Roller Coaster

July 4th Cannon

This clip shows a fire works bomb expelled from a cannon. The cannon is aimed upward, but the camera is turned so upwards is to the left of the screen. The initial explosion that expels the bomb from the tube is visible as a puff of smoke before the bomb is expelled.

Download the QuickTime file: July 4th cannon (Quicktime Video 1.9MB Nov12 12)

Sample question: Determine the speed of the bomb after it exits the launch tube. Based on this launch speed, predict the maximum height of the bomb (assuming it does not explode first).

Toy Car Accelerates

This video shows a toy car accelerating along a table top.

Download the QuickTime file: Direct Measurement Video of Toy Car Accelerating (Quicktime Video 5MB Feb20 13)

Sample question: Determine the acceleration of the car.

Sample activity: Direct Measurement Video: Measure the Acceleration of a Toy Car

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