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Each instructor will develop a personal style and will have different objectives for using a classroom response system. These are some of the traditional types of questions used.


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Using Clickers to Inductively Construct Economic Concepts part of Examples
This technique reverses the usual order of definitions and examples used in class to one of presenting an example or examples first and then having students "discover" the concept when asked with carefully constructed clicker questions.

Using Clickers to Generate Supply and Demand Curves part of Examples
Use the clickers to generate data for demand and supply curves by asking students to give numerical values for their maximum willingness to pay for something and their minimum willingness to accept for something. Use the data generated to graph both the demand and supply curves.

Externalities in the cashmere market: Colbert Report interview part of Pedagogy in Action:Library:Interactive Lectures:Examples
In this interactive lecture, students watch a video clip from The Colbert Report that addresses pollution externalities. Students graph the market and use the write-pair-share technique, then brainstorm ways to move the market to the socially efficient equilibrium.

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