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Teaching Case: Scissors and Shears part of Examples
This case is the transcript of the 1962 Congressional Testimony of BC Deuschle, President of the Scissors, Shears and Manicure Implement Manufacturers' Association, with regard to the Trade Expansion Act of ...

Teaching Case: Peanut Policy in the United States, 1996 part of Examples
The text of this case is a transcript of a story broadcast on NPR's All Things Considered on January 22, 1996. The story concerns Congressional debate about agricultural programs, particularly the price ...

Teaching Case: Textiles and the Multi-Fiber Arrangement part of Examples
An "oldie but goodie" this 1983 case (revised in 1990), is set in December 1981, when the international arrangement governing international trade in textiles is up for renewal. The US, Europe and ...

Revving up for Relief: Harley-Davidson at the ITC part of Examples
Published in 1986, this Kennedy School case tells the story of Harley-Davidson's application to the ITC for temporary relief from high levels of imported Japanese motorcycles. The case lays out, in ...

Too many deer? A public hearing part of Examples
Students reenact a public hearing to determine how to manage a deer herd that is overpopulated.

Recycle -- or not? A case from New York City part of Examples
A case for the analysis of externalities (social costs and benefits) in the context of recycling. Drawn from a program in New York City.

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