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Resolving Force Vectors: Interactive Demonstration part of Teaching with Interactive Demonstrations:Examples
This is an Interactive Lecture Demonstration for resolving force vectors using the suspended block demonstration (1J30.10).

Combined Series and Parallel Circuits: Interactive Lecture Demonstrations part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
Three in-class lecture demonstration questions to test and build understanding of DC circuits are presented. These questions cover simple series and parallel circuits, and a more complicated circuit that is ...

Resources for using PhET simulations in class – PhET Activities Database part of PhET Interactive Science Simulations:Examples
The PhET Activities Database is a collection of resources for using PhET sims. It includes hundreds of lesson plans, homework assignments, labs, clicker questions, and more. Some activities have been created by the PhET team and some have been created by teachers.

Writing your own activities - PhET Activity Guidelines part of PhET Interactive Science Simulations:Examples
You can create your own lectures, homework, and labs around any PhET simulation by using the PhET Activity Guidelines . These guidelines will help you create "guided inquiry activities which encourage students to construct their own understanding," which are the most effective way to use PhET simulations.

Using PhET simulations in high school – Open-ended Pendulum Labs part of PhET Interactive Science Simulations:Examples
These labs provide examples of using very open-ended questions to guide students in exploring a simulation and designing their own experiments. These labs can lead to a high level of quantitative thinking about data analysis.

Using PhET simulations in a large lecture class – The Photoelectric Effect part of PhET Interactive Science Simulations:Examples
This activity provides a complete curriculum for teaching the photoelectric effect using the PhET Photoelectric Effect simulation in a large-lecture modern physics course. It includes links to powerpoint slides for two to three 50-minute lectures using Peer Instruction with clickers, and one homework assignment suitable for an online homework system. Research has demonstrated that students in classes using this curriculum have a better understanding of the photoelectric effect than students in classes using traditional instruction supplemented by a computerized tutor.

Order It Up! part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
A think-pair-share activity which involves putting solar system bodies in order based on various statistics: escape velocity, distance from the sun, mass, etc. -

Measuring the coefficient of friction of a skater on ice part of Teaching with Data:Examples
Students use video analysis of ice skaters gliding across the ice to determine the coefficient of friction between the skates and the ice. Materials include instructions and six videos that can be used for analysis.

Activity: Measure Your Reaction Time part of Measurement and Uncertainty:Examples
This is a lab activity that allows students to collect data to practice using effective measurement. While other authors have produced similar labs, this version includes uncertainty analysis consistent with ...

Activity: Identifying a solid using density part of Measurement and Uncertainty:Examples
Effective measurement techniques include the concept of measurement uncertainty. Students may make erroneous conclusions analyzing data using measurements that do not include the uncertainty of the measurement. In this lab, students determine a density range for a metal and identify the material based on this range.

Lab: Horizontally Launched Projectiles (with uncertainty analysis) part of Measurement and Uncertainty:Examples
This is a version of the time-tested lab where students roll a ball off a table top and use kinematics in two dimensions to try to predict where the ball will land. While many versions of this lab have been ...

Introduction to Measurement (advanced high school/intro college level) part of Measurement and Uncertainty:Examples
30-page illustrated guide to fundamentals of measurement. This is intended to be a clear, comprehensive overview of effective measurement technique. Intended for advanced high school or introductory college level ...

Lab: Measuring the Speed of Sound in Air (with uncertainty analysis) part of Measurement and Uncertainty:Examples
Students use a microphone and Vernier LabQuest to record the sound of a finger-snap echo in a 1-2 meter cardboard tube. Students measure the time for the echo to return to the microphone, and measure the length of ...

Sun Path: Interactive On-line Mac or PC part of Mathematical and Statistical Models:Examples
Students use SunPath in the yearly mode to investigate seasonal changes in sunrise, sunset, length of day and sun altitude at their own latitude. JAVA activity for Mac or PC.

Using PhET simulations to replace real equipment in lab – Circuit Construction Kit part of PhET Interactive Science Simulations:Examples
Labs and tutorials that use equipment such as circuits can be modified to use PhET simulations instead. Research shows that substituting the PhET Circuit Construction Kit simulation for real equipment in a variety ...

Performing Calculations using Measured Values that Include Uncertainty part of Measurement and Uncertainty:Examples
Students measure the density of pennies to determine their composition. Students practice determining measured values that include uncertainty and practice calculations using numbers that include uncertainty.

Determining Measured Values and Uncertainty part of Measurement and Uncertainty:Examples
Student practice taking measurements with various instruments and learn to determine the uncertainty of their measured value.

ConcepTest: Eccentricity and Seasons part of ConcepTests:Examples
Mars has a more eccentric orbit of the Sun than Earth. Mars is 20% closer to the Sun during winter in its Northern hemisphere than it is during its summer. What would be the implications for the seasons on Earth if ...

ConcepTest: Sun Spot Activity part of ConcepTests:Examples
Sun spots, flares and other emissions from the Sun's surface can have a negative impact on electrical systems on Earth. What would be the implications for this type of solar activity if the Sun did not ...

ConcepTest: Jovian Planet Characteristics part of ConcepTests:Examples
The characteristics of four planets are listed below. Which planet is most likely to be classified as Jovian? a. Mainly rocky, volcanism, low gravity. b. Mainly rocky, no volcanism, high gravity. c. Mainly gaseous, ...