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Waves Through Earth: Interactive Online Mac and PC part of Mathematical and Statistical Models:Examples
Students vary the seismic P and S wave velocity through each of four concentric regions of Earth and match "data" for travel times vs. angular distance around Earth's surface from the source to detector.

Slinky and Waves part of Teaching with Interactive Demonstrations:Examples
Use a Slinky to show:P and S waves, Wave reflection, and Standing waves in interactive lecture demonstration.

Understanding the Motion of a Harmonic Oscillator part of Teaching with Interactive Demonstrations:Examples
This inteactive lecture and series of demonstrations develops the concepts and vocabulary of oscillatory motion as it relates to the motion of a mass on a spring.

Analysis of simple harmonic oscillator in a single video clip part of Teaching with Data:Examples
One video clip, with embedded graphs, can be used to help students understand the mathematical relationships that describe simple harmonic motion.

Using PhET simulations in high school – Open-ended Pendulum Labs part of PhET Interactive Science Simulations:Examples
These labs provide examples of using very open-ended questions to guide students in exploring a simulation and designing their own experiments. These labs can lead to a high level of quantitative thinking about data analysis.

Lab: Measuring the Speed of Sound in Air (with uncertainty analysis) part of Measurement and Uncertainty:Examples
Students use a microphone and Vernier LabQuest to record the sound of a finger-snap echo in a 1-2 meter cardboard tube. Students measure the time for the echo to return to the microphone, and measure the length of ...