These teaching activities have been submitted and completed by participants in the ChemEd DL program.


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Qualitative Analysis of Interactive 3D models for Learning E2 Reaction Stereochemistry
Philip Janowicz
This is a self-paced tutorial using 3D models and line drawings to teach organic chemistry students E2 reaction stereochemistry.

On-line worksheets of organic molecules' polarity and solubility, and intermolecular forces
Colleen Conway
The 5 organic worksheets are set up as guided inquiry for students to do at home on the computer using the models from ChemEdDL Models 360.

Molecular Modeling of Bond Type, Polarity, and Resonance Using Models 360
Darcy Mack
This lab exercise allows students to use computer generated models of molecules in Models360 to explore bond type, polarity, and resonance and to help them visualize these concepts. Students will have the opportunity to practice drawing Lewis structures, naming shapes, predicting bond angles, and determining polarity.

An Online, Interactive Lesson on Liquids and Intermolecular Forces
Donald Storer
This interactive, online lesson on liquids and intermolecular forces uses video clips, molecular models, and other resources from ChemEd DL.