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Quantitative Literacy

Carleton's Quantitative Inquiry Reasoning and Knowledge (QuIRK) Initiative - Carleton's QuIRK Initiative has done a variety of things to help raise the quantitative skills of Carleton students.

Quantitative Writing - Quantitative Writing is the written explanation of a quantitative analysis. This module explains how to use Quantitative Writing in the classroom.

Teaching with Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum - Ask students a quantitative question in a non-mathematics context. Then help them solve that question using spreadsheets. This module discusses this pedagogy and it's benefits.

Teaching Quantitative Skills in the Geosciences - This website deals with the opportunities and challenges of teaching quantitative skills in the geosciences which have traditionally been seen as more "descriptive" in nature.

Quantitative Literacy at Other Institutions

Quantitative Literacy Organizations

Print References

Steen, executive editor, 2001, Mathematics and Democracy: The Case for Quantitative Literacy, National Council on Education and the Disciplines

Richardson and McCallum, "Quantitative Literacy and the Curriculum", 2002

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