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LTC: It's Just Lunch: Speed Data for the Busy Professional

By PEPS Mary Savina, Charles L. Denison Professor of Geology and Faculty Assessment Coordinator; and Chico Zimmerman, Humphrey Doermann Professor of Liberal Learning, Professor of Classical Languages ...

LTC: A Tale of Three Assessments

By PEPS LTC: A Tale of Three Assessments: From classroom to curriculum to comps Larry Archbold; Professor of Music and Enid & Henry Woodward College Organist; representatives of the English ...

LTC: Our Frosh: Who are they, and Why does it matter?

By PEPS An interactive session exploring the initial result of the Wabash National Study of Liberal Arts Education. Charles Blaich, Center of Inquiry Director at Wabash College; and Liz Ciner, ...

LTC: Picturing New Orleans: Studying Social Problems Through Filmmaking

By PEPS Kimberly Smith, associate professor of political science; and Victoria Morse, associate professor of history; and Nick Bellos

LTC: Translating Principles of Learning into Practice: Creating an Integrated Curriculum

By PEPS Claudia Neuhauser, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Director of the Center for Learning Innovation, Director of Graduate Studies, Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology, HHMI ...

LTC: The Curriculum Review: Perspectives from New Students

By PEPS Sameena Ahmed, Ian Holmen, and Beserat Kelati, all class of 2012, and Carol Rutz, Director of the Writing Program and Senior Lecturer in English Students in a fall 2008 English 109 section ...

LTC: Exhibitions: Curating and Curriculum

By PEPS Laurel Bradley, Director of Exhibitions and Curator; Kelly Connole, Assistant Professor of Art, co-curator World Ceramics exhibition; Carol Donelan, Associate Professor, Cinema and Media ...

LTC: Quantitatve Reasoning in the Arts, Literature, and Humanities

By PEPS Sun Hee Lee, CFD Fellow in the English Department; George H. Vrtis, Assistant Professor of Environmental and Technology Studies and History; and Harry McKinley Williams, Laird Bell Professor ...

LTC: Defining and Implementing the Argument and Inquiry Seminars

By PEPS Susannah Ottaway, Associate Professor of History; Louis Newman, John M. and Elizabeth W. Musser Professor of Religious Studies; and Peter Balaam, Assistant Professor of English

LTC: What Does This Say Again? Working with Assistive Technologies

By PEPS Carly Born, Academic Technologist, along with a faculty and student panel.

LTC: Peer-Led Team Learning in General Chemistry

By PEPS Professor Regina F. Frey, Director of WU Teaching Center and Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry; Washington University in St. Louis. At Washington University, peer-led team-learning ...

LTC: Teaming Up for Results: New Directions in Teaching Using Technology

By PEPS Carly Born, Academic Technologist; Clara Hardy, Professor of Classical Languages; Paula Lackie, Academic Technologist; Andrea Phelps, Academic Technology Associate; Doug McGill, former ...

LTC: The Arb: It's Not Just About Birdwatching

By PEPS Nancy Brakker, Arb Director; Dan Bruggeman, Senior Lecturer in Art; Mike Kowalewski, McBride Professor of English and Environmental Studies; Mark McKone, Professor of Biology and Research ...

LTC: Developing Instituational Leardership Among Mid-Career Faculty Members; The Macalester Faculty Leadership Seminar

By PEPS Adrienne Christiansen, Political Science, Director of the Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching and Professor and Karine Moe, Economics Six years ago, Macalester College began a ...

LTC: QuIRK at 5

By PEPS Nathan Grawe, associate professor of economics and director of QuIRK, and Greg Marfleet, associate professor of political science. For 5 years QuIRK has been working to develop quantitative ...

LTC: Into the Community: The State of Academic Civic Engagement at Carleton

By PEPS This presentation features reports from our year long study of the state of academic civic engagement at Carleton. Adrienne Falcón, Coordinator of Academic Civic Engagement and ...

LTC: High Stakes Assessment and Higher Education

By PEPS Lloyd Bond, Recently retired Senior Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Cosponsored by QuIRK (Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge). As Carleton ...

LTC: Dialogos - Faculty Research Exchange - Explorations

By PEPS LTC: Dialogos: Faculty Research Exchange "The Life I was Supposed to Have: Explorations in Truth, Authority and the Presentation of the Self in Academia" Beth Kissileff, ...

LTC: Dialogos: Faculty Research Exchange, “Borders: Migration, Immigration, and Hybridity”

By PEPS Cathy Yandell, W. I. and Hulda F. Daniell Professor of French Literature, Language & Culture Director of French & Francophone Studies, David and Marian Adams ...

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